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The Dementia Rosary by Matt Estrade

The Peace with Dementia Rosary, a book written in Covington, LA, is the foundation of a “ministry for memory impairment’ created by Catholic gerontologist Matthew Estrade. Estrade, who earned his Master’s in Gerontology at UL Monroe in 2017, wrote the book to be a family primer on dementia and a devotion to the Holy Rosary.  […]

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Let’s get cooking!

Do you enjoy cooking? Perhaps you have many pleasant memories of working in the kitchen, making your favorite recipes with the flair of Julia Child. Perhaps you used to dread coming home and having to cook after a long day at work. Maybe you are single or living with a spouse and find cooking for […]

Love and growing older

Whether you are single, dating, or have been married for many years, today is a good day to reflect on the love in our lives. Many older adults deal with loneliness, either due to divorce or death of their spouse. According to Dr. Maria Baratta in Psychology Today, many older who find themselves single may […]

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Should I be a mentor?

Older adults throughout different cultures are revered for their wisdom and experience. The younger generations greatly benefit from their elders imparting their wisdom and sharing their life lessons. There is also the added benefit of reducing social isolation for seniors while fostering intergenerational connectedness. Numerous studies have shown the benefit of mentorship programs between older […]

New Year
Do I really need a New Year’s resolution?

As the first of January looms around the corner, you may be asking yourself the same old question you have asked yourself on every New Years Eve; “Should I have a new year’s resolution?”. We know that many resolutions are abandoned before February, even though it all seemed like a great idea at the time […]

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Social distancing and loneliness

Loneliness and older adults. While the CDC has recommended social distancing as a key factor in “flattening the curve” of newly diagnosed COVID-19 cases, it is important to acknowledge how loneliness can quickly become an issue, particularly with older adults.  According to an article published by John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (YEAR), more […]