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Porto Trip 2023-2024
Porto Trip 2023-2024

Building upon the success of last year’s trip to Porto, where fellow FranU students explored global perspectives on aging, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming visit of Porto students to our campus. Students from Porto will soon embark on their own journey to the United States, fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration in the field […]

Protein deficiency- A concern for older adults
Protein Deficiency – A Concern For Older Adults

When you hear about adding more protein to your diet, you may think that this only applies to body builders and growing children. But did you know that older adults are at high risk for not having enough protein in their diets? Protein is important for muscle mass, bone health, and healing. According to Judith […]

Should I go back to school?
Should I Go Back To School?

For some of us, we couldn’t wait for our school days to finally be over so that we could enter the workforce and at last call ourselves “grown ups”. Perhaps you attended college for a few semesters, but life got in the way and you had to drop out. Or maybe you always wanted to […]

Cataract Awareness- What you need to know
Cataract Awareness – What you need to know

As we get older, many of us expect to have a decrease in our vision, assuming that vision loss is simply a natural part of aging. We may even anticipate getting cataracts, which are a clouding of the lenses of the eye. This clouding affects the way light passes though the eye, and thus negatively […]

spring cleaning
It’s Not Too Late To Start Your Spring Cleaning!

The first official day of spring was March 20th, but it’s never too late to start our spring cleaning!  Cleaning and tidying our homes for the warmer months gives us a fresh start and the opportunity to relax in a peaceful environment. If you struggle with mobility issues or think you might need a helping […]

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month!

I am a retired Diagnostic Imaging Technologist. The last five years of my career were spent as a Clinical Education Specialist in Nuclear Medicine. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy seeing the light of knowledge fill a person’s eyes when they understand the information presented. In 2004, I completed a Volunteer Tutor Training course […]

Curling up with a good book
Curling Up With A Good Book

For many, sitting down to read a good book is a favorite pastime. Whether it’s getting caught up in a juicy mystery or reading a tried-and-true favorite, reading is a great way to take some time for yourself. In addition to being a great way to spend an afternoon, reading also has many known health […]

The Dementia Rosary by Matt Estrade
The Dementia Rosary by Matt Estrade

The Peace with Dementia Rosary, a book written in Covington, LA, is the foundation of a “ministry for memory impairment’ created by Catholic gerontologist Matthew Estrade. Estrade, who earned his Master’s in Gerontology at UL Monroe in 2017, wrote the book to be a family primer on dementia and a devotion to the Holy Rosary.  […]

Let's Get Cooking!
Let’s Get Cooking!

Do you enjoy cooking? Perhaps you have many pleasant memories of working in the kitchen, making your favorite recipes with the flair of Julia Child. Perhaps you used to dread coming home and having to cook after a long day at work. Maybe you are single or living with a spouse and find cooking for […]