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Leading the Next Generation of Health Professionals

As a university initiative, we’re dedicated to providing students with the opportunities and resources needed for a top-level gerontological education.
We aim to create invaluable learning relationships and experiences at FranU. With several programs for our students and faculty, we make an impact on our campus and beyond.
Gero At FranU


Striving for equity and fairness in all relationships with special concern for those most in need.

Student Opportunities

Healthy Aging Mentor-Mentee Program

We designed the Gerontology Healthy Aging Mentor-Mentee Program to serve as an unmatched tool in further educating students. Students will be mentored by a university faculty member and/or a clinician with expertise in gerontology and healthy aging.

Student Qualifying Criteria:

  • Successful completion of at least one semester of coursework at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University (Fran U) and a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Completed application received by due date.
  • Professionally written goal statement describing interests and goals as they relate to gerontology and healthy aging.
  • Endorsements from one faculty member other than the selected mentor.

Benefits of participating in this program:

  • Work with the faculty mentor in identifying project agreement to include the goals, expected activities and outcomes.
  • Participation in gerontology healthy aging experiences under the direction of a faculty mentor.
  • Develop skills related to the student’s unique interests in gerontology healthy aging.
  • Complete project under the direction of the faculty mentor.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Complimentary subscription to an aging focused journal
  • Build resumé.
  • Develop a network of potential professional colleagues and employers.
  • Receive a completion certificate for Gerontology Healthy Aging.
  • Depending on the project agreement, students may have the option of registering for Independent Study.
  • Upon completion of the program the student will submit a brief overview of their experience in the Gerontology Healthy Aging Mentor/Mentee Program.

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International Healthy Aging Course

FranU is excited to announce its first study abroad experience in Porto, Portugal! Students from both the School of Nursing and the Doctoral program in Physical Therapy will travel to Porto to learn about healthy aging through the lens of a different culture. Our students will stay with a host family to have a truly immersive experience into Portuguese culture while attending classes in the beautiful Escole Superior Saude Santa Maria. In addition to the classroom environment, they will also visit local hospitals and nursing homes to see how Portuguese healthcare teams support their aging populations. The students will also travel to the Holy site of Fatima where the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared in 1917. We at FranU are very excited to be able to offer our students this once in a lifetime experience!

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Association of Gerontology in Higher Education Program of Merit Designation

The Program of Merit is a voluntary program of evaluation for AGHE member and nonmember institutions that offer either gerontology programs (degree and non-degree granting) and/or health professions programs whose curricula integrates gerontology/geriatrics content. The Program of Merit designation gives gerontology and health professions programs an AGHE “stamp of excellence” that they can use to verify program quality, lobby within their institutions for additional resources to maintain program quality, market the program, and recruit prospective students.

FranU BSN Program

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If you are interested in leading or being a part of a student interest group, contact us!

Faculty Opportunities

Gero Champions Workgroup

Contact us if you would like to start a Gero Champions Workgroup in your department. Here, faculty collaborate to identify and work toward improving Gero education in their discipline with the support of the Gero Chair.

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Gero Champions Funding Application (GIG)

Have you identified a research endeavor or professional development experience that can improve GERO outcomes or your knowledge of geriatrics?

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Gerontology Center of Excellence
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