Should I Go Back To School?

For some of us, we couldn’t wait for our school days to finally be over so that we could enter the workforce and at last call ourselves “grown ups”. Perhaps you attended college for a few semesters, but life got in the way and you had to drop out. Or maybe you always wanted to earn a degree but never thought you could. Whatever the reason, it’s never too late to reconnect with a desire to learn and grow our knowledge base.

Attending classes at a college or University doesn’t have to lead to a degree; you can take any course that interests you without it having to “count” toward an academic program (this is often called a non-matriculating status). Many schools even often “leisure classes” in specific content areas to offer all of the fun of learning without having to formally apply to a university.

Stay tuned to Gero at FranU – we are working on something exciting to offer older adults who wish to continue their education!