A Commitment To Healthy Aging And Education

Good morning!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved spending time with older adults. Whether it was my grandparents, members of the church, or our neighbors, it was a joy to sit in their presence. I enjoyed listening to their stories, having the benefit their advice. When I decided to become a nurse, I felt the natural fit for me was gerontology. It has  been such a privilege to provide care and emotional support for such an amazing group of people. It was the relationships I fostered with older adults that has helped to shape me into the person I am today. In appreciation of the amazing influence that seniors have had on my life, I have decided to further my education and to pursue my Master’s in Gerontological nursing. (Check out the link to this amazing program here !) I hope to contribute to the amazing research that is being done in the field of gerontology, and to continue to drive innovation in this growing field. I would encourage everyone out there to cherish the time they have with the older adults they love. Soak in the experience of being with them; learn their favorite recipes, listen to their favorite songs. Just enjoy their company and enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that healthy aging can bring!

blog pic, A Commitment To Healthy Aging And Education
Rachael Abadie, BSN, RN-BC
Research Assistant
Sister Agnes Marie Fitzsimons Gerontology Endowment