Unlocking Spiritual Strengths: Empowering Healthy Aging at FranU

At Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University’s Gerontology program, we promote self-discovery and holistic wellness. Central to this initiative is the groundbreaking work of Dr. Richard Johnson. Recognized as a partner in our pursuit of healthy aging, Dr. Johnson’s Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP) offers invaluable insight and guidance.

Exploring the Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP)

Origins of the SSP

Dr. Johnson’s journey into understanding the significance of spiritual virtues began during his tenure as the Director of Behavioral Sciences at a prominent Catholic hospital. Witnessing the varying degrees of patient resilience, he delved into the phenomenon of a ‘good attitude’ that seemed to set some individuals apart. His investigations led him to discover 30 healing virtues, sparking the creation of the Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP).

The Role of the SSP

For over two decades, the SSP has served as a transformative tool in Dr. Johnson’s counseling practice. By uncovering individuals’ innate spiritual strengths, the SSP aids in addressing mental, emotional and relational health concerns, fostering a more vibrant and meaningful life.

How Does the SSP Work?

Identifying Spiritual Specialness

The SSP offers a pathway to deeper self-realization, providing a blueprint for spiritual growth and a means to recognize the driving forces toward true happiness.

Developing Intimate Connection

Through the SSP, individuals can cultivate a profound relationship with their innermost selves, unveiling their true identities and understanding the source of inner pain and discontent.

Translating Inner Uniqueness

By guiding individuals towards their life purpose, the SSP empowers them to live intentionally and authentically, transcending the challenges of the world.

Understanding the Spiritual Strengths Profile

Comprehensive Assessment

The SSP comprises a 120-item questionnaire, easily accessible online. Upon completion, participants receive a detailed 19-page report illuminating their unique spiritual endowment and personality functions.

Unveiling Personal Insights

Participants gain insight into their personality functions and discover their signature spiritual strengths, along with corresponding shadows and compulsions that impact their lives.

Embracing True Identity

Through the SSP, individuals identify their True Self, driven by their signature virtue strengths and guided by the power of Love.

Embracing Spiritual Solutions

As Dr. Wayne Dyer eloquently stated, “There is a spiritual solution to every life problem.” The SSP offers a pathway towards this solution, unlocking the inherent spiritual strengths that propel individuals towards fulfillment and inner peace.

In essence, FranU’s Gerontology program, in collaboration with Dr. Richard Johnson, invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the Spiritual Strengths Profile. By embracing their unique spiritual endowments, participants unlock the keys to healthy aging and a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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