5 Ways to Celebrate with Seniors This Holiday Season

Though the holidays are a time for gathering with loved ones and celebrating the festive season, it’s not uncommon for some to succumb to increased feelings of loneliness. This is especially true for older adults. 

Seniors who live alone, struggle with mobility or suffer from other health issues like Alzheimer’s, dementia or depression are more likely to experience increased feelings of isolation during the holidays. This year, spread holiday joy with your older loved ones! Check out these five simple ways to celebrate the season with the seniors in your life.

Check Out Holiday Lights

Enjoy the magic of extravagant holiday displays from the comfort of a car! Driving around a nearby neighborhood or through a local light display at a community park or public area is an easy way to get your loved one in the festive spirit. While this activity will get them out and about, it is physically low-demanding and is less likely to overexert an older adult. Play some of their favorite holiday tunes during the drive for some extra seasonal cheer!

Make Their Favorite Holiday Food

From fruit cake and egg nog to casseroles and honey-glazed ham, enjoying good food is a long-standing tradition of the holiday season. Before your next family meal or celebration, include your older loved one’s favorite dish or dessert! Including their favorites will remind them of good memories from previous holidays, make them feel special and show how much they mean to you. 

Share Stories and Traditions

‘Tis the season for sentimental moments, sharing stories and making new memories. The holidays are the perfect time to spend with your older loved ones to learn about their favorite holiday memories and traditions. Try breaking out old family photo albums and reminiscing about past holiday events.

Watch Holiday Movies Together

From classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to beloved comedies like Elf and Home Alone, watching heartwarming holiday movies together is a great way to spend quality time with your loved one during the festive season. To make for an even more merry and bright time, include some holiday-themed movie treats like sugar cookies, candy canes, hot chocolate and egg nog.

Bake Holiday Sweets Together

Get together to bake seasonal sweets like Christmas cookies or decorate gingerbread houses! Whether for a family dinner or just for fun, spending time together in the kitchen is a great, easy way to get your older loved one feeling festive and excited for the holidays. Try asking for their help in the kitchen before your next family meal. This will make them feel needed and excited about the upcoming event!