Priest Retirement Workshop with Financial Advisor Jason Fontane

On May 2, 2022, Gero at FranU held its first in a series of Priest Retirement Workshops at the Catholic Life Center for a group of Priests from the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

The purpose of the workshops was to enhance the lives of diocesan priests in their retirement years in recognition of their many years of dedicated services to the U.S. Catholic Church, its laity, and communities throughout our country.  

Jason Fontane, AWMA®, AIF® of The Miller Group Wealth Strategies of Raymond James, was the guest speaker, and the focus of the workshop was Financial Security in Retirement.  The topics discussed centered around three primary areas: 

  1. Budgeting (Managing Cash Flow) – Living within your means, tracking where and how you spend money and managing debt.
  2. Investing- Portfolio construction centered around a disciplined approach that identifies goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and income needs
  3. Planning for the Unknown- Wills, Power of Attorney (Durable and Medical), Beneficiaries, and Long Term Care needs

Gero at FranU is proud to offer these workshops and thank those who attended. To see more images from the May 2 workshop, click here.

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