Ways to Celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day

It’s time to get moving and celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day! Observed each year on the last Wednesday of May, this year’s National Senior Health and Fitness Day falls on May 31st. Check out some ways seniors can celebrate this year!

Participate in a Fitness Class

Get your heart rate up with a fun fitness class! From yoga and Zumba to cycling and swimming, there are many fitness classes specifically designed for older adults. These classes benefit the body and mind and are great opportunities to socialize with friends and family.

Go for an Outdoor Walk

If the weather calls for it, enjoy the great outdoors and get some fresh air with a nature walk! Whether it’s your favorite walking trail or somewhere new, lace up your sneakers for a peaceful stroll with loved ones.

Do a Park Day

Many parks typically participate in the day’s celebrations, making them a perfect place to enjoy National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Check out local park events near you and spend time outdoors with friends and family!

Play Brain Games

Exercise not only your body but also your brain this National Senior Health and Fitness Day! For older adults, brain games are an effective way of keeping their minds active and young while also having fun. Challenge your loved ones to a chess game or try out other brain teasers like crossword puzzles and sudokus.

Make a Healthy Meal

A healthy meal is the perfect pairing to a healthy activity! Gather with friends and family to whip up a meal that tastes good and is good for you! Either pick one of your favorite healthy recipes or browse some online. Check out this helpful article from the National Institute on Aging for healthy meal planning tips, ways to find recipes and view sample menus!

Schedule a Health Screening

Be proactive while getting active this National Senior Health and Fitness Day with a health screening! Often most health problems can be prevented if detected in time, so health screenings are an excellent way for seniors to protect themselves and stay informed on their health.