Safety in the Sun

Summertime is a time to enjoy being outdoors: Family barbeques, gardening, even a trip to the beach are all treasured summer pastimes. While you’re out having fun in the sun, don’t forget to keep yourself safe from the dangerous effects of UV rays.

According to, 40%-50% of seniors over the age of 65 will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. This is due to several factors, including a lifetime of sun exposure, a weaker immune response, and a decrease in skin’s elasticity. The exposure to UV rays can alter our skin’s DNA, the effects of which can lead to skin cancer.

How can you protect yourself from those pesky UV rays? According to the American Cancer Society, the most important step is to avoid sun exposure for long periods during the peak “sunny” times of the day, from 10am-4pm. If you are going to be outside, be sure to wear your sunscreen (make sure it’s waterproof if you’re swimming!), slip on a hat, and wear sunglasses. Stay in the shade as much as possible and remember to stay hydrated.

Want to learn more about how to keep yourself safe while having fun in the sun? Check out’s fantastic article here which is full on useful info on sun safety for seniors. The American Cancer Society’s website is also a great resource on sun safety and skin cancer information and can be found here.