It’s National Writing Month

It's National Writing Month

The month of November is National Life Writing Month, which gives us a perfect opportunity to sit down and write out those life stories and experiences which we want to put on paper for future generations. With the Thanksgiving holidays right around the corner, this is an excellent time to reflect on our life experiences, our families and our friends.

When you think of a writer, you may think of someone who spends hours sitting in front of a computer (or even a typewriter!) coming up with great works of fiction. Although writing can be challenging, it can also be fun! You don’t need any fancy equipment, just yourself, a notebook and a pen. Start by writing those stories that you think your family should remember, be it funny stories, sad stories, or just remembrances of those who are no longer with us.

While you’re writing, why not encourage others in your family to do the same? We all have a story! You can even include pictures to bring your stories to life.

Get to writing! And cheers to the memories to be thankful for!