Experiencing the Human Condition Through Literature

Whether a novice to novels or a true page-turner, everyone is welcome to enroll in this program and share their love for literature through engaging seminar-style classes and discussions.

Directed by Dr. Ann-Marie Blanchard, Great Books is a liberal arts program where students delve into great works of literature from the classical age to the contemporary era. The course centers around a blend of text, including stories, poetry, historical works, philosophy, and theology. 

While professors mentor and guide the conversations, students actively drive the focus in a seminar-style class. Within the intimate setting, students discuss broader themes from various authors, exchange thought-provoking perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the text. 

Even though the program is one of the university’s liberal arts bachelor’s degree programs, all community members are welcome to enroll in the 3000-level seminar classes. Some of the titles for these level classes include Great Books Seminar I: The Classical World and Great Books Seminar II: Autobiography/Confession. Those interested in the program can visit and experience a seminar at no charge before enrolling.

FranU’s Great Books Program - Experiencing the Human Condition Through Literature

Contact Dr. Ann-Marie Blanchard at [email protected] or visit the Great Books website to learn more about Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University’s Great Books program.